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The spectrograph outside Yuan Gong helps strength " the boat at the beginning of
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On October 21, according to the message of association of German horse general, the India that will blast off at 22 days detector of first unmanned moon " the boat at the beginning of the moon " go up the spectrograph outside the Yuan Gong that installed German development, this is a contribution that Germany explores a mission to Indian moon.

This SIR that develops by institute of solar system of German horse general - the 2 spectrograph outside Yuan Gong can are opposite moon face undertakes large-scale geology explore. Moon and world are created before about 4.5 billion years, through moon geology exploration understanding moon builds a course, conduce to what know the world better forming the history. Before the moon detector that blasts off on international is most a confine undertake exploration in very small to the moon part, this spectrograph of Germany of have the aid of, can undertake exploration to moon face in bigger range.

SIR - the working principle of the 2 spectrograph outside Yuan Gong is the different character that uses moon face material to be absorbed to spectrum, material of avery kind of can absorb the spectrum of different wavelengh, in reflexing the spectrum of the others aerospace. Spectrograph passes spectral to reflection analysis, can distinguish the substance that gives different period to generate. SIR - the 2 spectrograph outside Yuan Gong suit this wavelengh limits most explore, the European moon detector 2004 " SMART-1 " go up to had installed similar spectrograph, it is this to be in there was the new instrument that rise formerly on the foundation.

This moon of India explores the action to divide outside installing German instrument, still obtained the technology that many research organizations offer Russia, United States, European Union and instrument. The emissive success of moon detector will make after Indian afterwards Russia, beautiful, medium, day, hopeful becomes the 5th state that masters visit month skill.

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