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Researcher discovers the way resolution audio is protein
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According to Reuter report, french researcher discovered a few days ago, protein of a kind of inner ear can help people resolution sound, understand conversational content. This research achievement conduces to solve aural barrier problem.

A Wang of · of French researcher Paul says, this one discovery cannot use remedial deaf, but conduce to an explanation why a few people can appear audition obstacle, it is especially in noisy environment.

Researcher is turning the test has on gene mice body, study inner ear is cochlear. Two kinds include to differentiate in cochlea cell of audio feeling nerve. Those who feel nerve cell interior " ionic passageway " basically loading in inner ear " sound distortion " the task. The action of ionic passageway is similar to microphone, can send signal of electron of sound translate into in cerebrum. And sound distortion segment is very important, can make people discerns from inside jumbly noise the sound of need giving place.

Researcher discovery, protecting those who feel nerve cell is not damaged is not ionic passageway, however a kind of protein that calls hard cilium albumen, it can make ground of inner ear appropriate undertakes sound distortion.

Awang and his work in the same placing are in " natural " the research report that publishs on weekly says, although the mice that lacks hard cilium albumen is in below the circumstance of regular from subchannel job, still appeared aural obstacle.

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