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The United States develops new-style gene group to measure foreword appearance g
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Scientists finish the time that group of gene of the first mankind measured foreword to be spent full 13 years, expended the charge of 3 billion dollar. Increase the influence that progresses with other technology as computer operation speed, at present the gene group of general lab measures order or want to pass the time ability that is as long as 6 weeks to finish, and whole job needs the 100 thousand capital to 300 thousand dollar.

   Will 20 years provide volatile information most

Recently, company of science of biology of American Pacific Ocean (PacificBiosciences) through " fortune " the individual gene group that the magazine showed company newest research and development to succeed measures foreword prototype, announce the company will appear on the market 2013 group of sale individual gene measures foreword appearance. This instrument big group is like family expenses microwave oven, gene group will be finished to measure order inside 15 minutes, and everybody is measured be over the charge of whole gene group is less than 1000 dollars, at the appointed time everybody will be capable the charge measuring order of group of burden individual gene, gene group measures order also is hands-down thing to ordinary people.

The latent capacity of this prototype causes a mighty uproar in genetics bound immediately, a lot of experts express, if the product can appear on the market 2013 really, gene group considers to will produce tremendous change, even somebody expresses those who will what hear to this is 20 years provide volatile information most.

Experts express, once gene group measures foreword appearance to appear on the market, human gene group measures foreword to go to the lavatory simply in that way like appearance of nuclear magnetic resonance, secret general is able to defeat the gene of everybody solution. Scientists can find the mutation gene of the difficulty disease such as Aercihaimo disease, leukaemia, prostate cancer finally, pharmacy company also can design the curative thing that has specific aim more, doctors also can forecast people to may get what disease, prevent cure ahead of schedule.

Current prototype uses microwave oven than the kitchen a bit more largish, machine traditional Chinese clothes has valve, laser, lens and viewfinder, the integrated technology such as science of technology of net of gather optics couplet, material, biophysics and video technology is assembled and become.

   "Nature of filch mankind nature " polymerization is enzymatic

The working principle of this appearance that measure order is, disconnect the DNA of gene group a lot of very small part, the drop after these small DNA extract make solution enters the lame inside the appearance that measure order to go up, there is alveolus of class of 3000 accepts rice in lame, the diameter of these accept rice aperture is less than 70 accept rice, after be being dripped to go up into chip, small DNA extract can arrive dispersedly in different accept rice aperture. The Tu Youyi in aperture of every accept rice is planted special enzymatic -- , DNA polymerization is enzymatic, the character with DNA enzymatic polymerization is, can the move about of double catenary structure along DNA extract, open in the double catenary structure of the extract of DNA of process lieutenant general of move about, cent becomes two part, also can find corresponding part for odd catenary of a certain DNA, reset is together, the scientist compares the action figure ground with DNA enzymatic polymerization the slide fastener of the dress, can leave can close.
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