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" natural " : Series of series of gene of helminth of 2 kinds of malaria determi
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Malaria cracks breed child

The international research group that the scientist forms the state such as a You Meiying determined recently the gene series series of helminth of two kinds of deadly malaria. Helminth of these two kinds of malaria divides alias to be Plasmodium Knowlesi and Plasmodium Vivax, among them P. Knowlesi is considered as to affect pathogen of a of the mankind main malaria recently, and P. Vivax can send a person exceeding and frail, die even. Relevant paper will publish on October 9 " natural " (Nature) on the magazine.

P. The natural host of Knowlesi is Kra monkey, had decided it can affect the mankind now nevertheless. Evidence makes clear, southeast Asia affects P. The person of Knowlesi is common the ground by by accident examine is infection relative to more gentle P. Malariae, this caused impertinent remedial kind.

P. Knowlesi is the monkey malaria helminth of first foreword that be measured by heredity, for with the P that finishs recently. Vivax gene group and other already measured the plasmodium gene group of foreword to undertake comparative offerringed new research opportunity. The likeness between affirmatory malaria helminth and different conduce to choose genetic mark target, in order to have the research and development of vaccine and medicaments.

The another malaria helminth that measures order this is P. Vivax, its deadly rate is next to notorious P. Falciparum, the aguish infection of 75% and the malaria of 90% are annual 3 million deadly number is caused by latter.

P. Vivax is Africa beyond main reason of malaria, popular Yu Yazhou and the intertropical area of medium, South America moisture. P. What the malaria that Vivax contracts can bring about recrudesce for many times is serious break can sexual disease, can cause death sometimes.

P. Vivax can be in cool season and P. Falciparum does not travel in the more friendly climate that ability accepts, this makes it can affect the population of the half on the world. In addition, p. Vivax is right of medicaments fight a gender more and more general also, block up the management to clinical case.

With P. Knowlesi is same, determine P. The gene series series of Vivax will produce the research of character of distinctive to its biology, and this conduces to the genetic mark target that defines new drug and vaccinal development likewise.

(Mei Jin / compile)

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