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Japan is made successfully take revulsive muti_function dry cell new technology
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Japanese Kyoto university extended cover to develop in professor hill more safe make take revulsive muti_function dry cell (IPS cell) new method. At present use virus makes the canceration of methodological easy generation that takes IPS cell, security is poorer. And the new technology that cover extends to teach development in hill does not use virus completely, use at white rat to score a success first on the world. The research group that the leadership teachs in hill is used the effect does not produce to chromosome in consist in coliform organisms originally, be called " plasmid " small-sized and cricoid genetic gene replaces virus, obtained pair of chromosome successfully not to produce the IPS cell with influence, higher security, form muscle, nerve and skin organization via approbating differentiation truly.

The IPS cell security that should study the group will use this legal system to take in probe henceforth while, the skin cell that begins a person as soon as possible experiments. Once the success is gained on person skin cell, will make from IPS cell differentiation obtains organization, viscera to wait for the technology of second birth medical treatment that has transplanting to develop to be quickened greatly.

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