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Scientist success scale a collection of illustrative plates of physics of group
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Scale gave the group of a gene that a research group that by the country such as France, United States, Australia the scientist forms was wheat a few days ago first physics a collection of illustrative plates, this one achievement will conduce to a scientist be being bred more the wheaten new breed of high yield and fight a drought.

A collection of illustrative plates of gene group physics is the information that points to the permutation about all gene that makes gene group and span, it is through undertaking determining to making the DNA member of gene group scale. The hereditary information that the purpose of scale physics a collection of illustrative plates is a concerned gene and the relative position that its get on in every chromosome are linear and arrange systematically come out.

This research by French country farming art institute expert overcomes Laimeng Feilang to take the lead finish. According to introducing, wheaten gene group not only the amount is much, and the structure is complex, because this is right,its undertake foreword is regarded as measuring " the job that finishs impossibly " . Wheaten chromosome contains 17 billion pairs in all alkaline base, it is about 40 times of paddy, it is about 5 times of human body, because this measures order,the job makes progress relatively slow.

Researcher says, a collection of illustrative plates of physics of scale gene group is the base that measures order for gene group, so they from Xiaomai the biggest chromosome 3B proceed with. This chromosome contains 1 billion pairs alkaline base with group of 1036 gene jackknife, scientists pass pair of gene to have number, arrange its successfully order, and draw gave physical atlas.

Researcher expresses, physical a collection of illustrative plates can help people lock up the gene that controls wheaten crop and amount surely quickly, undertake reforming to the breed of crop thereby. Scientists already determined a specific position that fights black rust gene according to this a collection of illustrative plates. Black rust can affect wheaten crop badly, if can breed the new breed that fights this disease, raise hopeful wheaten yield considerably.

The United States that this studies to achievement already will be published on October 3 to publish " science " (Science) on the magazine.

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