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Each country grocer pays close attention to safety of product raw material espec
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On October 13, according to the report, because of China 3 get together incident of cyanogen amine milk powder, each food produces business to all pay close attention to the security of food raw material all the more, its pay close attention to a domain to be aimed at milkings and the milkings that import from China not only, still include other provision. Since China 3 get together since exposure of incident of cyanogen amine milk powder, contain 3 get together the food safety incident of cyanogen amine raids a whole world, the main production business that use milk powder regards raw material as people, include Ji Baili and combination a few products were worn below Li Huajun. And the Solbar of soja albumen company that is like Israel and DD Williamson of American pigment company all take relevant step, represent the security of its product to consumer.

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