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Bedside diagnoses appearance quickly or will make new medical treatment trend
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World-famous medicine magazine " almanac of emergency call medicine " a when publish newest research makes clear as a result: Use advanced bedside to diagnose an instrument quickly, can help a doctor bosom of rapid diagnose patient is aching, detect time can save 20 minutes on average, gain optimal opportunity for rescue heart patient thereby.

This the name is " central lab and disease of fast diagnostic heart detect politic much passageway controls contrast randomly: Acute coronary artery asks for experiment series integratedly to diagnose a mark to tackle an impact quickly " report, by American laborious Xin Na carries medicine of emergency call of university college of medicine to fasten vice director Dr. Richard Ryan to lead. Be like acute coronary artery to ask for the patient's observation integratedly through painful to 2000 bosoms patient or doubt, the random control that undertook bedside diagnoses an instrument quickly first is clinical experiment.

This second research raises standard of evening of hospital of Jewish hospital, Detroit William Beaumont, guest then by Xin Xin Ni Yada learns and the division of 4 famous emergency call such as Stanford university is finished jointly, consider to make clear: Compare " emergency call room - lab - emergency call room " the tradition detects flow, hand-held diagnostic tool is elegant earth up I-STAT to be able to offer instant lab quality to detect result, 20 ~ arrive at average shift to an ealier time 45 minutes in doctor hand.

The remedial policy that according to association of American heart association, European heart disease and country clinical biochemistry association recommends, arrive from draw-out patient blood receive detect result, should under 60 minutes, best turnaround time should be in 30 minutes in. "This paragraph of time is very valuable to the patient that cardiac muscle dies. " the Christopher J that one of researcher, Xin Xin promotes university medicine center then. Dr. Lindsell says: "I-STAT patient bedside diagnosed appearance to represent a kind of new medical treatment trend quickly, help a doctor make remedial plan quickly thereby. Help a doctor make remedial plan quickly thereby..

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