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Australia plans to ban with pigment of food of 6 kinds of man-made
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On September 8, food Intolerance Network sends Bureau of Standards of letter bay new provision, appeal taboo pigment of food of 6 kinds of man-made, these 6 kinds of pigment are respectively: Afterglow is yellow (E110) , quinoline is yellow (E104) , La Guang acidity is red (E122) , temptation is red (E129) , tartaric yellow (E102) , rouge is red (E124) . These pigment are used in a variety of food, think to move disease to matter more with children in the past. This one draft resolution ever was in European area this year times get attention, british food Bureau of Standards encourages food to produce business to use other additive to replace these pigment, at the same time the European Union passed the statute of improved label, the provision that the regulation contains these 6 kinds of pigment needs to be made clear on label " the likelihood has negative effect to children behavior and attention " . Bay new provision Bureau of Standards also consulted England reports to this research, but think Australian circumstance and England do not have remarkable dependency, the use quantity of these 6 kinds of pigment wants Australia far under England.

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