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The United States rolls out global head stage full automatic lymphocyte small nu
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Limited company of American natural gene announces, the whole world that optimizes in the light of lymphocyte is rolled out formally in China first full automatic lymphocyte small nucleus reads appearance continuously.

We know, lymphocyte small nucleus determines is one of cellular genetics methods, it and chromosome distortion have affinity, this method has handy, fast, reliable characteristic. Lymphocyte small nucleus serves as the evaluation that suffers radiation damage to radiative worker is a very significant index. The impact that lymphocyte small nucleus leads blood of the week outside the person that the purpose understands radiation to contact ray to the profession, in the injury of the person that rate of lymphocyte small nucleus is studying radiation butt joint is touched, can serve as a sensitive index.

The workload that this instrument analyses in the light of small nucleus is big, read the characteristic that takes 1000 cells at least, deployed full automatic 200 Zhang Zai Bo piece take a system, full automatic the target searchs a system, full automatic scanning system, full automatic analytic report system, special deployed the system that return check, can undertake in the light of each unusual appearance simple alone and perambulatory. This systematic scanning carries Bo one piece piece the time of all cell is controlled for 6 minutes. It is the manufacturer that this domain has exclusively major studies.

The index that this system can detect:
•Odd, double and the amount of much nucleus cell
•Or the amount of every kinds of cell of many small nucleuses
•Wither dies period cellular amount
•Output but reading scanning result (form type)

•Daily can handle 8-12 piece Bo piece
•Every pieces of Bo piece evaluate 2500 cells (assure at least 1000 double nucleuses)

Evaluate quality
•Cellular exploration rate 70%
•MN rate holiday is electronegative (the rate that the small nucleus that explores holds total small nucleus) be less than 10%
•Cellular rate holiday is electropositive (the rate that explores the amount of the cell that does not contain actually to small nucleus to take total cell measure) be less than 1%

Cover equipment to be produced by French IMSTAR company originally, this enterprise already began to manufacture this kind of equipment since 1985, as a result of the powerful technology setting of academy of French nuclear energy, because this is in this domain be the champion. At present Europe, America, Australian this kinds of all equipment all are offerred by IMSTAR, the Brussels this year the whole world is small in March on nuclear international conference, professor Micheline Kirsch Volders and his CEGE group gave very high opinion to this equipment.
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