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3 fluorescent albumen study pioneer wins Nobel chemistry award (graph)
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Polychromatic and fluorescent albumen dogs in place the graphic representation in the cell

Next villages repair those who be 80 years old to issue a village to repair was born in Japanese Kyoto government office 1928, the United States is gone to after obtaining a doctor's degree of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of ancient house university 1960, mix in American Princeton university, Bostonian university early or late laboratory of biology of ocean of Woods suddenly Er works. He discovered fluorescent albumen from inside a kind of jellyfish 1962, be known as noctilucence to study the first person.

Shaerfeimading Shaerfei is born in equestrian fourth · 1947, it is 61 years old, it is professor of biology of American Colombia university. The main contribution of his bear the palm depended on revealing green fluorescence albumen to regard the heredity of glow as the action of label to people, this one technology is applied extensively at physiological wait for a domain with medicine.

Qian Yongjian

Royal academy of sciences announces Sweden 8 days, sha Erfei of fourth · of horse of biologist of Qian Yongjian of scientist of beautiful book foreign citizen of Chinese origin, United States and home of Japanese organic chemistry hold the village below marine biologist concurrently to repair win award of chemistry of 2008 year Nobel jointly, will equational Ke Lang of 10 million Sweden (add up to 1.4 million dollar about) bonus. Those who help their bear the palm is green fluorescence albumen. This kind of albumen brings revolution for biology and medical experiment, the fluorescence that it gives out resembles a bright lamp, help researcher enlightens the life style a lot of response in molecular level and cellular level.

The bright lamp of the researcher that lead a way

Fluorescent to green albumen can enjoy these 3 scientists now " honour flourish " result cannot do not have. What discover green fluorescence albumen above all is next villages that were born 1928. He was in the United States from the life 1962 on the west the depart on a kind of acaleph body gave coastal coastwise green fluorescence albumen.

Sweden is royal the academy of sciences says in bulletin, going up century 90 time, the glow character that Sha Erfei points out green fluorescence albumen shows track field to have extremely high value in biology, how does Qian Yongjian give off light to understand green fluorescence albumen made contribution.
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