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But embedded of small rat head " confuse your microscope " come out
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The development of group of a research of American Stanford university goes microscope of a kind of miniature, small to the small rat head that can load swing, make researcher can watch the action of the activity of cell of small rat cerebra and whole animal at the same time. This device was offerred to researcher use turn the new way that gene small rat will come to study human disease. Relevant achievement publishs recently to publish " natural methodology " on the magazine.

Since researcher in 20 centuries 80 time breed the first to turn since gene small rat, small rat became the first selection animal that lab medicine studies. Current, had had the small rat that waits for a variety of human heredity diseases to asthma from Pajinsen disease " model " . But the dependency that should find the activity inside the cell to regard a whole as the action with the animal, remain a challenge, still cannot be opposite up to now the activity of level of the cell inside the small rat of swing undertakes resembling.

For this, the Er of plan of mark Shi Ni of Stanford university studies the group designed a weight to be the miniature microscope of 1.1 grams only, with its cerebrum is linked together below the circumstance that can not damaging ability of small rat motion apparently. The blood in the has breadth of a cell only blood capillary that this device is used within cerebra of research activity small rat all the time circulates.

This microscope is added at the head of anaesthesia small rat, at the same time researcher joins inject of dye of a kind of label department of small rat head with mark plasma, but hematic cell is insusceptible. Microscope uses the light that a mercury-arc lamp place gives out through a bundle of optical fiber. Lamplight causes coloring plasma to give out fluorescence, show individual hematic cell for scotoma. Image by fiber-optic bundle of camera that reflexes evacuation to record image to. This camera per sec. can be patted about take 100 pieces of picture, borrow this, the high speed video of the individual blood cell that researcher can observe in cerebrum midstream is moved. Once small rat awakes from inside anaesthesia, observe the cell when its behavior is normal moves likely.

Can implement the coloring agent technology with visible activity of cerebral ministry cell through using, researcher arrives with respect to considerable examine, the Pu Kenye that when small rat moves its involve control to move (Purkinje) nerve cell is how to compare what when resting, become more active. Er of the plan that apply the Buddhist nun expresses, this progress makes the cellular activity when researcher can observe the animal moves, and already had such test on small rat body. Such, researcher can be when the activity that monitors small rat, the disease mode of postmortem small rat, observe the mobile condition of these cells at the same time.

(reporter Feng Weidong)

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