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Group of 10 thousand yuan of complete gene measures foreword in view brand-new a
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Inchoate this year, the few nucleotide acid with banner system of SOLiD 3 of ABI company application joins and detect the technology undertook measuring order to human gene group, charge under 60 thousand dollar. The technology of this new instrument is improved make taller sample and data flux become a possibility, thereby the cost that hopeful reduces gene group to measure order further. For example, hopeful of cheaper gene group data quickens the discovery of disease correlation and biology mark content, thereby improvement is diagnosed and the disease is handled, support the clinical trial that photograph of method of as optimal as the individual treatment matchs, help general collect masses understand their individual gene composition better.

F of Bostonian children hospital. M. Center of Kirby nerve biology is in charge of Michael E. The postdoctoral researcher of Dr. Greenberg lab - Jesse M. Dr. Gray ever had used RNA of SOLiD young member to convey reagent box and multiple technology to come dug and the gene expression that nerve cell activations to answer relatively change. What he believes SOLiD technology is immanent but expansibility and sensitivity are a lot of measuring the advantageous part that uses with label computation related foreword.

Dr. Gray expresses: "Group of gene of 10 thousand dollar represented the plan that measure order in every alkaline base another of charge is reduced significantly. Of the charge that measure order reduce more experimental time can be collected to nod in will making we are studying, have more tests. Of this kind of charge reduce significantly still can make the heighten of flux of the experiment that measure order of all types, is human gene group not just. is human gene group not just..

Reduce the cost that measures foreword application

SOLiD 3 system has a lot of character to be able to help researcher greatly the cost that the bring down measures foreword project, raise its to yield mediumly in all sorts of application, those who be like construction of system upgrade, compact experimental flow and multiple ability. Altogether, these charge are reduced and productivity character is collective action, hopeful reduces the time that wins what cover the mankind and group of other species gene adequately to measure foreword place to need and resource significantly.

Industry of support of construction of system is highest the platform measuring order of flux

SOLiD 3 system opens Bo piece the structure of type is used those who include DNA sample is small bead will input gene group information. These are small bead add Bo piece on, undertake an analysis by the system. This new platform supports every Bo piece on what high density spends is small bead rich collect, move every time can produce those who be as high as 20GB to be able to locate to measure foreword data. Open mode Bo piece form, small bead rich collect, and the union of software algorithm, can make platform upgrades to taller flux, and need not make major change to fundamental technology. Of platform immanent but expansibility, move every time can measure order the DNA sample of higher density, make odd agreement that moves to be able to acquire group of human complete gene 7 times enclothe spent data. The improvement of construction of system adds brand-new and powerful computation group, simpler Bo piece on appearance, optimized reagent, read long rise to 50bp above, bring up this the cost that measure order is lower with application at directional the platform that measures order again.
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