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Aolinbasi rolls out new fund whole intelligence optical microscope (graph)
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On October 16, 2008, aolinbasi announced FSX100 of navigator of image of an intelligence biology, it used the advanced technique of digital age, conformity of will soft hardware is together, the systematization of will optical microscope, intelligence changes a level to push to new height.

This product broke people the traditional impression to microscope, use box type design, ocular and field lens all are concealed in casing structure interior.

According to introducing, this new fund microscope is developed completely independently by Aolinbasi, but automatic focusing, automatic exposure, whole operation is simplified to have choice, composition of a picture only, adjust, collect 4 measure. Professional installation does not require after buying, use do not need major to groom, the specimen needs to put lead plane only, can obtain micrograph to resemble quickly. Can save a variety of debugged records automatically, can access at any time call, go to the lavatory to use and be coordinated of group of much person research.

This product field lens magnifies multiple can amount to 100 times most, can satisfy in the user demand of a variety of general quality such as body, organization, cell, suit funds particularly enough and the research unit that the member needs morer, for long to use fluorescent microscope.

According to Aolinbasi Beijing sale serves this department of ministry of career of science of limited company life to grow An Qiaozhang to give birth to gentleman introduction, the software of FSX100 is complete inside of buy set, if the user is contented and special demand, need revises software function, need to choose Aolinbasi the product of other series.

This new product will appear on the market in global synchronism on November 4, the price will be in Aolinbasi in microscope series product medium slant on.

Aolinbasi founds 1919, next year succeed in Japanese first time ground general microscope is commercial, developed successful endoscope first on the world 1950. Up to now, the company limited already became Aolinbasi one of delegate enterprises of Japan and even world nicety, optical technology, career domain includes medical treatment, life science, video wait with industrial machinery.

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