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Ningxia infrared temperature measurement equipment to strengthen the work of u
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Recently, the Ningxia ushered in another round of cool weather this winter, the winter peak around the corner, Ningxia, two 750 kV EHV substation branches continue to maintain high load operation, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, high pressure branch active in Ningxia infrared temperature measurement devices and to take effective measures to ensure that equipment "Ying Feng winter". " Infrared temperature measurement technology is a fast and easy and can be very effective device to find defects and abnormalities of the method, the use of infrared temperature testing equipment for a single run can be found hidden equipment and timely heat treatment, which is to carry out equipment status provide a basis for overhaul to improve the reliability of equipment operation, to ensure safe and stable operation of power in advance, "interrogation pulse." The temperature of the Company, any of the details of all equipment, detailed records of the measured data, careful analysis, tracking, observation, play a preventive role admirably.

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