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Infrared measurements "Drunk" will replace the blood in some areas have begun t
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After the check drunken driving, could within a few seconds to detect alcohol content, and can be used as evidence. China is on display in this exhibition on road safety products, a new type of infrared alcohol test that people stop watching. Infrared measurements, "drunk" is to replace blood? Reporter was informed that in some areas before the Beijing traffic police have begun to try. The current drunk driving investigation traffic police, the use of hand-held alcohol tester test drivers for alcohol, although the results can be obtained quickly, but not as a "drunk" evidence. If the parties disagree, blood testing may be brought. Then the driver would to a nearby hospital for blood, the fastest 3 hours about the result. The alternative to blood alcohol test a new type of infra-red a few seconds you can get results. Test how quickly? Journalists on the spot a try. Host displayed on the screen "please blow", the reporter deliberately directed at a breath gently blowing mouth to sing, only to the host immediately sent ringing sound, the screen code "2." "Code 2, said inflatable interrupted to remind the operator to re-arrange the test." Reporter explained the staff immediately. After the data is cleared, the reporter hard breath this time, the progress bar on the screen to finish within a few seconds, display: "0 mg / 100 ml." Subsequently, an A4 paper, print the test results within a single slide from the printer. According to reports, this fast infrared alcohol test last month at the Beijing traffic management accident, the first to use West Side traffic detachment.

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