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Energy-saving, equipment forecasts a gender to safeguard, research and developme
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American blessing salary overcomes company application seminar

Theme: Energy-saving, equipment forecasts a gender to safeguard, research and development is improved detect with character

Invitation letter Register attend a seminar Respectable gentleman/Lady: Whether are you being begun in the consideration energy-saving decrease a platoon, what branch existence is wasteful, what method can help you managing? The demand of product quality control that faces high level when you, complex electric connect that offers distribution system, without number, and a large number of machinery, electric equipment forecasts a gender to safeguard etc, whether had you had the experience of ability not equal to one's ambition? Whether did you ever try to search quick and effective method to improve research and development in product of research and development, improve product quality, perhaps return to there is test medium very not satisfactory? Here, company of gram of American blessing salary will be in this second application seminar forecasts a gender to safeguard in the light of energy-saving, equipment, 3 themes are the same as research and development you discuss a solution jointly, shareFluke 60Year the in industrial domain experience that come, suggest the low cost, efficient tool that monitor reachs a method at the same time, if be heated up,resemble a technology, electric energy quality is analysed, process calibration control. Speechmaker of the seminar: There is name of move pole Gao Zhi to spend inside course of study, expert Dr. He Xuenong of consequence, Liu Qiaoling's engineer, Shen Jianxiang's engineer, Zhao Jimin's engineer, equipment of senior staff put up with safeguards above, the problem such as energy-saving, research and development undertakes thorough discussion together with you. At the appointed time the expert such as equipment management guild also will arrive at guidance, attend a speech. We invite you cordially to attend seminar, while the blessing salary with newest understanding overcomes a product, discuss energy-saving, equipment to safeguard together with us, the theory of the application with newest research and development and practice, there is photograph of New Year great gift to send more in the conference!
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