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American FLUKE is tasted newly roll out - the number is multi-purpose watch Fluk
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Use at making, of the research and development, application such as maintenance muti_function the number is expressed

    The discharge leakage current that double parameter of basic accuracy 0.01% shows volts d.c. of resolution of 5.5 digit word to be set only measures 2x4 what 4 lines resistor measures 6 to be set only is fast enter measure setting key to be used at PASS/FAIL(qualification / unqualified) Hi/Lo is restricted to be worth compare a function

    Fluke 8808A number is multi-purpose the watch has phyletic and various function, can measure voltage, resistor and electric current to wait, and volts d.c. is basic accuracy is as high as 0.01 % . Because it is aimed at a few commonly used measure undertook optimizing, make an user OK extremely convenient apace is finished measure. What this makes is special facilitate use, even if unfamiliar operator, also can operate easily.

    The function of 6 pushbutton on the face plate before 8808A sets pushbutton beforehand with respect to the broadcasting station that goes up like car radio same. Need to be some only commonly used measure setting meter, press Shift button, press again next among them pushbutton of a setting (S1 comes S6) , can save a setting. When carrying out this to measure every time later, need to press corresponding setting to bolt only can. So simple!

    Setting pushbutton leave out the trouble that operator abides by complex operation manual. Operator need not again ordinal press many pushbutton will install measure function and span, measure limiting value or input other to measure parameter.

    Fluke 8808A number is multi-purpose watch

    Use at making, of the research and development, application such as maintenance muti_function the number is expressed

    Eliminate the error in production: Word of 8808A 5.5 digit is multi-purpose the watch can be finished current and numerous measure the job commonly usedly. No matter be functional test strict still metric, use PASS/FAIL (is eligible / unqualified) demonstrative bounds is worth the mistake in comparing a function to be able to eliminate production, especially the circumstance of measured value facing. 8808A is clear about so that show PASS (is eligible) , FAIL(is unqualified) , won't have ambiguous test judgement again.
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