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Tai Kexin rolls out generator of weaveform of AFG3000B series random
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American peaceful was overcome on July 10, 2007 (Tektronix) company announces, in original AFG3021 and AF3022 aleatoric weaveform / on the foundation of function generator, new the AFG3000B series that rolls out a function to increase source of two three-in-one signal: AFG3021B and AFG3022B. The random that these two value promote ceaselessly is undee / function signal / pulse form generator, overcome through peaceful newest issuance buildup function, the person that use can obtain more functions, check and gauge demand of contented and ceaseless development. What precede inside AFG3000 course of study is handy reach economy base easily to go up with gender, function and versatility, new buildup the function increased a lot of heavy large dominant positionsHandy use easily, reduce install and evaluate time, improve work efficiency:
    It is OK that shortcut key can visit commonly used function and parameter to control undee parameter directly directly the menu with the clear structure that more comprehensive ground assesses equipment to go to the lavatory, the operation is intuitionistic and congener in the biggest color displays screen, ground of be clear at a glance examines USB of the face plate before all and relevant setting to join, handy to load and save weaveform and instrument settingIncomparable function and versatility, forecast the demand of constant change:
      The sine wave frequency that is as high as 240 MHz is as high as the pulse weaveform of 120 MHz, support 2.5 Ns edge, can adjust independently rise time and decay time. 2 GS/s sampling is led, the time resolution of 0.5 Ns, accurate reproduction assumes model of meaning weaveform double passageway, the signal that generates completely independent signal or close together synchronism supports agile modulation on all weaveform, break out and the price of scanning mode economy, satisfy your budgetary requirement easily: Through AFG3000 newest enhance a function, you can obtain more functions, satisfy test requirement:

      The 25MHz model AFG3021B that the advantage that AFG3000 new function offers for you includes to be added newly and AFG3022B inside, AFG3000 series provided GPIB, LAN and USB join capability in all model now. Join the instrument handily to traditional GPIB and LAN network, or through USB implementation nods bit of join. To make, the solution that the long-range control test in education and project lab environment offerred ideal. The undee memory of AFG3021B and AFG3022B raises 128K. Can generate complex and detailed aleatoric weaveform. For sensor reproduction and low speed serial data emulates the solution that offerred ideal. More agile ground chooses frequency. Outside dividing pulse and aleatoric weaveform, lowermost setting and resolution are low now amount to 1 µHz(to be 1 MHz) before. Those who make periodic time more than 11 days exceed signal of low speed change. Adjust with unusually careful increment frequency. Occupy sky comparing: Setting limits has expanded 0.001% - 99.999% . The limits previously is 0.1% - 99.9% . Generate very narrow or cross very wide pulse, if undertake radar,emulate. Scanning, maintaining time and limits of release time setting to enlarge – of 1 Ms is 10 Ms - 100 S) before 300 S (. Generate very short or very long frequency scanning, the frequency that check like the car or uses in research application scans. Receive protective kind newly, enhanced security. Provided countersign protection now, menu of limitative visit service and firmware upgrade menu. Prevent to treat the calibration setting in safe environment without accredit. Through telecommand activation screen defends a program. Activation screen defends a program, the personnel in avoiding to create an environment is abstracted, answer to the noise of other telecommand time is achieved the smallest.
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