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Japan establishs instrument KYORITSU to be tasted newly in all roll out - KEW 31
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After ● checks show P1 automatically (polarization index) DAR (absorptance of the body that lead report) ● SV (rank jump voltage) DD (the body that lead report discharges) each numerical value that checks a function. ● memory can record 6000 this duration to occupy. , while short-circuit current begins for 5mA ● test, ● shows test time. ● shows function of automatic discharge of output voltage and ● of spark voltage value and electrify warn directly (bee cries) functional ● closes machine function and back automatically design of ● of smooth illume function accords with pollution of safe standards EC61010-1CAT.N 600V to spend 2 norms and parameter KEW3128 500v 1000v 2500v 5000v 10000v 12000v of specific test voltage is the biggest check: Ω of 3dgt 100g of ± 5%rdg ± - 20% of 10T Ω ± outputs voltage - electric filter charges under 0% 20% (30%) /1000V batteries (buy batteries: 12V) AC power source: 100V-240V.50/60HZ closes automatically machine 10 minutes of above shut 300 of power source over all dimension automatically without operation hind (L) × 400 (W) × 200 (D) Mm weight makes an appointment with 10kg accessory to check bougie ground connection to check a line to point battery of box of horniness of operation instruction handbook of form bougie power supply cord can Lv: 2008-1-26

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