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- batteries instrument 3554

Evaluate the new standard of deterioration of harbour lead batteries The ideal that UPS batteries checks chooses Maintain automatically and record Highest memory data of 4800 groups of batteries Average function
Basic parameter 0.8%rdg of ± of precision of Ω of resistor span 3.100m/31.00m/310.0m/3.100. ± 6dgt. ;3.000m Ω odd span is: ± 1.0%rdg. ± 8dgt. ± of precision of 6.000V/60.00V of voltage Cheng ± 0.08%rdg. Temperature of ± 6 Dgt measures range - 60 ° of ~ of 10 ° C C (with 9460) 1 ° C checks precision ± 30Hz of frequency 1kHz ± checks electric current (span) 150mA (3m/30m Ω ) , 15mA (300m Ω ) , 1.5mA (3 Ω ) ; Voltage of open circuit terminal: Highest 5V is the biggest allow voltage 60V DC (cannot use alternating current) comparator the 1st, threshold value of the 2nd resistor, comparator of threshold value of the least tension can install storage of amount 200 data to measure 4800 groups (time date, resistor, voltage, temperature, compare a cost, judge an outcome) PC interface USB (usable and accessary software and PC communication) alkaline batteries of AA of section of 8 of power supply source, can use 55D Mm of about 10 hours of dimension and × of 121H of weight 192W × continuously, × of line of needle of 790g accessory 9465-10 test 1, USB jumper × 1, × of application software CD 1, carry box × 1, condole takes × 1, × of LR6 alkaline batteries 8, reserve fuse × 1, zero board × 1


Test line 9460 belts temperature sensor clip test line Line of 9465-10 needle test (3554 mark distribute accessory) Line of 9772 needles test 9466 outside accuse switch Line of 9467* big clip test Other options 9465-90 front bougie (use at 9465-10) 9772-90 front bougie (use at 9772)

Date: 2008-1-26