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Coal chemical industry uses centrifugal compressor team perspective is wide
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Recently, shen Gu group and combination of Hangzhou turbine joint-stock company sponsorred flow of coal chemical industry to use centrifugal compressor group technique communication is met. Congress is reached the eager attention of manufacturer of form a complete set by user of chemical industry of 61 designing institute place of countrywide, coal. The conference points out, development of chemical industry of our country coal is well worth doing, with centrifugal compressor to flow of coal chemical industry group manufacturing industry offerred rare opportunity.

As we have learned, industry of coal energy chemical industry can last of the sources of energy in our country use a lieutenant general to act important role, the environmental pollution that reduces coal fired to cause to our country, dependence that reduces pair of oil imports all has great sense. China is striding in the way that to the world the biggest coal changes industrial state, the professional production company that this waits for project of a batch of chemical industry that it is coal to supply equipment of core form a complete set for Shen Gu offerred development good opportunity. At present Shen Gu already prepared to construct with project of chemical industry of a few coal the unit reachs cooperative intent, the action of the project bids and market development work is being advanced steadily.

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