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Product of series of Oxford instrument spectrometer is exhibited in cupreous alu
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Fair of trade of aluminous titanium of copper of the 2nd China International last week 5 conclude smoothly. 2 days short between half, of Oxford instrument exhibit attracted a lot of metal industries exhibit business and audience to stop seek advice, in the process that has technical communication we return associate with many new friends. Oxford instrument regards the whole world as the person that science and technology precedes, the technology with ceaseless all the time new research and development, develop new field, take the assurance of quality for each industry hard.

After Oxford instrument course is perfect read spectrometer range of products to include continuously:

ARC-MET8000: Portable read spectrometer continuously. Apply to major metal to analyse (like low content carbon) , carry convenient, detect accurate; 10 meters grow cable join lead plane and probe; Pass probe can result of complete indication analysis, go to the lavatory to be used easily; It is the optimal choice of alloy classification and appraisal.

PMI-MASTER PRO: Portable read spectrometer continuously. Metallic analysis is fast and reliable, movable type design, batteries power supply; Analyse carbon, phosphor and sulfur; Can undertake in metallic treatment function is analysed at the same time.

PMI-MASTER SORT: Portable read spectrometer continuously, the ration that is light alloy is analysed (if aluminium alloy is analysed) and the optimal choice tool that coloured abandons old metal to reclaim.

FOUNDRY-MASTER: Table vacuum electric spark launchs spectrometer, it is the good choice that the metal casts factory and smeltery.

FOUNDRY-MASTER COMPACT: Table electric spark reads spectrometer continuously, apply at nonferrous metal analysis; Sexual price is compared tall; Most agree with aluminous / zincic steel cast factory and smeltery.

TEST-MASTER PRO: Movable type reads spectrometer continuously, the spot with many and successive competency analyses a requirement. Complete automation is operated, the workload that satisfies large and steely processing factory 7 days 24 hours.

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