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"National ocean monitors research center of equipment project technology " settl
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Recently, program of feasibility of research center of technology of project of the national ocean equipment that monitor passes the high-level expert demonstration that organizes by ministry of science and technology smoothly, this is the center of technology of the first project that our country establishs in marine domain, be sure to monitor technical innovation and generation of development of estate of new and high technology to urge action actively to our country ocean.

Research center of technology of project of the national ocean equipment that monitor will rely on Shandong to save institute of appearance of instrument of ocean of academy of sciences to establish. This center will organize home to be measured with productivity of industry scientific research, develop the marine device that monitor the project of outstanding achievement changes a technology production of research, industrialization, commercialize promotion, product to upgrade to ensure a service with logistics, change a standard through raising sex of the mature sex of achievement of science and technology, form a complete set and project, form production of technical research, application development, product, talent to foster research and development of one continuous line to serve a system, build collect to introduce, set an example, promotion changes entity of research and development for the industrialization project of an organic whole, the research that makes our country ocean finally monitor equipment industry is developed and base of hatch of achievement of base of innovation of science and technology, outstanding science and technology and industrialization produce base.

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