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Hua Dong area eletroplates analysis of current situation of sewage disposal mark
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Well-known, rose on August 1, 2008, science and technology of environment of You Zhongbing north recruits editor in chief of finite liability company " eletroplate pollutant discharge standard " (GB21900-2008) had been approved through relevant section and begin formally to carry out. Set in new standard eletroplate sewage and air pollution content are discharged be restricted the content such as the value had more strict regulation than old standard; Accordingly existing much eletroplates the sewage disposal establishment of the enterprise is faced with or big or small transforming. Undoubted, of new standard carry out did to eletroplate industry of sewage disposal equipment bring tremendous business chance -- this " cake " have after all how old? How does relevant enterprise prepare this to sample again " cake " ? Taking these question, hui Cong's editor comes to limited company of equipment of water treatment of Shanghai elegant ooze, visited Shan Weidong of company general manager, gentleman of heart of treasure of Zheng of vise general manager.

Face editorial question, shan Weidong general manager casts the point of view that gave his: "Be in Su Na area, eletroplate according to guarding estimation to share enterprise Home 600-800, if want to undertake sewage facilities is transformed, can say this " cake " very big, however, eletroplate sewage disposal this " cake " have how old, the key does not depend on the market having how old demand, however the strength that the country stresses environmental protection.

Because everybody knows, compatriots the manner to the standard is what kind of -- the standard is not a problem, carry mark to also do not have a relation, what is the key? It is executive force! The truth is very actually simple, although our certain index is high now at the United States, japan, these developed countries such as the European Union, but it is good that the family's environment compares you all the same however, does the reason where? What carry out because of the family namely is better than you. Be in abroad, exceed mark to mean stop production, mean close, in our country, the condemnatory strength that exceeds bid is not strict, it is to punish bit of money to finish sth commonly, so our enterprise does not have so great pressure, new bid is carried out rise to want to sell at a discount greatly for certain.

And, eletroplate the enterprise also is crucial to the manner of environmental protection consciousness. The investment that should view environmental protection side first brings into cost go inside the budget, if do not have, that need not talk with respect to what, how much are some words? Actually, exceed mark to who fine to know, cite a case, have the company with some of high profit, the time that it did not transform -- spend stop production of time of a month to transform, the likelihood wants a loss millions of, but exceed mark to discharge, punish at most ten; Want not to delay me to produce only so, I would rather be punished to you, this is the enterprise pays attention to economic benefits only, without the expression of environmental protection consciousness and social responsibility.
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