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Research of biosensor of fiber-optic die field wins place of machine of long spr
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Place of smooth machine of Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences begins " Gao Lingmin spends biosensor of fiber-optic die field " research work obtained level sex positive result, passed the assessment of relevant expert a few days ago, obtain consistent reputably.

Biosensor, it is to use the identifying between bougie element and target element action will realize an element or cell, microbial particularity identifies, all sorts of information that react according to biology, wait for the process that will explore biology to react and result like effect of sound, smooth, hot, field. Among them, biosensor of fiber-optic die field not only can come true to be measured the tall sensitivity of content, detect without mark, shorten substantially exploration time, reduce reagent dosage, and have fight the advantage such as electromagnetism interference, low cost, get wide attention consequently.

The researcher is in place of machine of long spring scenery to reach its to biosensor of field of multiform fiber-optic die on the foundation that main parameter studies to sensor sensitivity influence, raised little standard the design of sensor of fiber-optic die field is academic, compare with photograph of congener smooth fiber sensor, this method raised sensor unit length greatly detect sensitivity, reduce the dosage of reagent and sample microlitre to measure level. Current, this sensor applies successfully already at groovy biochemistry and toxin to detect experiment, its explore the check with blue methylene to go out be restricted to achieve 1x10-7mol/L; The check that wait gives toxin of exploration castor-oil plant and toxin of grape coccus bowel be restricted to already achieved 1ng/ml, have good linear inside 1ng/ml-500ng/ml limits.

The researcher is rising ceaselessly and perfect sensor function while, begin actively enclose, environmental suitability practical change research, make the product moves toward the market as soon as possible hard, in public safety, clinical diagnose, the respect such as food safety realizes its commerce and social value.

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