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Milibo gives capable person of pure water bad news to center of monitoring of Be
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Country of support of close manage rich reachs milk products to milk powder medium 3 get together cyanogen amine detects the job

Since recently, country already early or late 7 times large-scale undertook detecting working to countrywide milk products. In these jobs, branch of the trade supervision of each district, qualitative check and other provision safety detect the lab assumed much work, the task is very onerous.

All of laboratory pure water system serves as 3 get together cyanogen amine detects the main component in the method, no matter its water quality is the preparation to sample, the scale of curve of standard type standard, still serve as the photograph of going from place to place of HPLC, be restricted to detecting finally and detect precision is producing main effect.

Company of close manage rich regards the whole world that exceeds pure water equipment as the leader, pay close attention to domestic food to install all inspection to measure the job very. And Milli-Q system place is produced exceed pure water to detect as American FDA 3 get together the commendation of cyanogen amine uses water, also assumed the responsibility that the experiment detects and obligation actively in this incident. Be aimed at this 3 get together cyanogen amine detects in occurrence large sample quantity and high strenth detect the work is simple to the lab the actuating pressure that place of water preparation system brings and bad news material are used up, milibo gave bad news capable person to partial lab.

Center of monitoring of Beijing food safety is the technical platform that incident of safety of Beijing sudden food handles, its bear is worn safety of the food that monitor does a risk to evaluate to its, and the crucial function that safe to breaking out food incident becomes technical divisions to manage. Incident of this milk powder, center of monitoring of Beijing food safety assumed the many job that install check. On October 10, gao Jian of chief inspector of sale of whole nation of section of pure water of close manage rich represented center of monitoring of safety of food of city of northerly capital of company of close manage rich to give the bad news capable person of all of relevant pure water system, of our hope Milli-Q exceed pure water to be able to cooperate monitoring center top-ranking expert and detect actual strength, continue to capture difficulty, benefit mankind is healthy. After giving bad news capable person, gao Jian is detailed still understood the problem that encounter in using interconnected system of pure water system and pays close attention to to Director Lu Yong of monitoring center. Millipore safety of as always food of northerly capital city monitoring center and other food install check branch to offer high quality instrument, bad news material and form a complete set serve.

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