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Food safety law plans to prohibit avoiding check much point to revise in the lig
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Civilian it is a day in order to feed. Your common people astonishs incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card, also let standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress be in the draft of food safety law of 3 careful more get attention. People is in for " incident of 3 deer milk powder " distressed while can't help wanting to ask: The demand that with what ability makes sure we are the basiccest -- , eat safely? Is food safety legislative whether prevent " incident of 3 deer milk powder " repeat?

Liu Xirong of committee member of vice director of council of law of countrywide National People's Congress points out 23 days, in the light of " incident of 3 deer milk powder " happen, key of draft of safe to food method did the modification of 8 respects, prevent with going up from legal system and deal with accident of safety of this kind of major provision. Be aimed at the problem of the system that avoid check, draft increases a provision, "Food safety supervisory management department must not be carried out to food avoid check. "Food safety supervisory management department must not be carried out to food avoid check..

Chinese product escapes check system only then from 1999. The original intention that establishs this system is to reduce industry burden originally, but the 3 deer powdered milk that has the qualification that avoid check produced great quality safety accident however a few days ago, after incident happening, the State Council this year on September 18, abolished the system avoiding check to food.

System of 1 sampling observation

Should fixed or nonsked sampling observation

Modification reason: 3 deer group ever was company of country's biggest milk powder production, 3 deer milk powder ever was qualitative check total bureau announces be at ease one of products, also be the product that avoid check. But this " incident of 3 deer milk powder " just makes clear avoid check to not be equal to safety, examine the invalidation of the method will bring serious consequence.

Concerned personage expresses, food examines is the important segment of food safety, superintendency branch cannot abandon his responsibility. Before quality safety, size brand should treat equally without discrimination, answer even to the superintendency of old brand more severe, because brand product force is larger, the person that gets an effect is more also.

Draft revises: Draft of food safety law 3 the regulation is made clear in going over a manuscript or draft, food safety supervisory management department must not be carried out to food avoid check, abolish the State Council before this the measure legal system that escapes check is changed.

Draft returns a regulation, quality of prefectural class above is supervised, supervisory management department of medicines and chemical reagents of industrial and commercial administration, food ought to undertake to food fixed nonsked perhaps sampling inspection.
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