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Technology of ionization mass spectra: The judgement inside millisecond 3 get to
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"Be less than 3 minutes, the technology that we invent but the spot detects a milk is eligible. " professor of grain industry college Dr. Chen Huanwen introduces Dong Hua, lab of this school mass spectra detects in milk spot the technology studies the domain obtains major breakthrough, successful development detects into two kinds of cheap spots technology and a kind of mass spectra of the fastest delicacy detect new technology: Namely " scattering transmission photometry detects quickly technology " ; Concentrated enzymatic detect 3 get together the technology of cyanogen amine, can high acute ground is firm 3 get together cyanogen amine content; 3 it is green technology of mass spectra of direct and chemical ionization, can judge inside 1 second 3 get together whether does cyanogen amine exceed bid. "Principle of these 3 kinds of methods each are not identical, but have initiate a gender, and each other is complement, can satisfy the different user such as family, supermarket and lab to detect to milk to the greastest extent need. "

Periodical of core of Chinese science and technology " rock mine checks " this group publishs magazine specially invite research achievement, be in 2008 the 3rd period with " the development with hand-held disappear photometric light and the site that are used at joining miscellaneous milk detect quickly " for the problem, recommend this achievement in home first, produced very good society effect. Authoritative evaluation expert thinks, this paper put forward to detect first what bovine milk products pledges is brand-new viewpoint, successful evidence is clear " scattering transmission photometry detects quickly technology " fast and can divisional eligible milk and blame are normal milk, low cost ground solved the bovine milk products that consumer cares most to be inscribed questioningly, city of comfortable Yu Chao and average household are used, have wide applied perspective.

   Technology of scattering transmission photometry: The spot distinguishs 3 minutes true milk and all sorts of impure milk

Current, because home is arrogant,milk detects the reason such as complexity, illegal element may add bovine make water, limewater, urea in milk, 3 get together the harmful material such as cyanogen amine amounts to 100 kinds. Traditional milk detects train of thought is, the harmful substance that adds possibly to every undertakes discharging checking, once discover this material exceeds bid, explain this milk is unqualified. Should judge a milk eligible, need to detect more than 100 index sometimes, be leaked likely otherwise check. Accordingly, bring about below traditional thinking detect take time is arduous, cost is very high.

"We change way of thinking additional monarch, the principle of integral information is paid attention to in drawing lessons from traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to diagnose, from ' undertake detecting in the light of a certain individual one by one ' change arrives ' pay attention to whole ' detect. " Chen Huanwen says, "If milk whole is eligible, show its do not contain any illegal accretion. Because, what most consumer cares most is milk eligible, is not to adulterate after all urea or bovine make water or it is many water classify. is not to adulterate after all urea or bovine make water or it is many water classify..
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