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Limited company of technology of photoelectricity of Beijing gigantic Bo
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Limited company of technology of photoelectricity of Beijing gigantic Bo is the high-tech enterprise of joint-stock initiate of company of Beijing glass academy and system of British Ford optics. Main product is material of optical plated film.

Gigantic Bo company is producible a variety of plated film material, be like: MgF2, al2O3, znS, zrO2, zrO2/TiO2, tiO2, ti2O3, ti3O5, ta2O5, siO2, si, siO, y2O3, ITO, hfO2, sc2O3, ceF3, ceO2, prF3, YF3, laF3, baF2, caF2, na3AlF6 reachs a variety of compound. Year productivity is 60 tons, among them 70 % exit.

Gigantic Bo company takes product quality seriously very much. The company established strict quality hierarchy of control, to raw material choice, the whole process such as production and final goods inspection has quality inspection, the plated film machine that uses oneself makes plated film test, assured the quality of the product.

Gigantic Bo company has hundreds of users in industry of domestic and international photoelectron, offer to them use at cold light lamp, oppose film high, add the stuff of optical plated film that shows film and laser film. The velar material that at present gigantic Bo company produces has exported the United States, england, france, germany, japan, korea, hong Kong, taiwan and other places.

World-famous optical trade journal " PHOTONICSûAlready included on international 4000 optical products one of suppliers gigantic Bo company.

Company product
5 oxidation 2 Tantalum Ta2O5

1, structural formula: Ta2O5
2, molecular quantity: 441.9
3, the exterior: Grey black grain or piece
4, density. . . (2004-8-24)


1, structural formula: HP1
2, the exterior: White piece
3, density 1.6 G/cm3
4, filmy character:
Pervious to light ~ of limits 220 12000. . . (2004-6-5)

5 oxidation 2 Tantalum Ta2O5 (2004-8-24)
5 oxidation 3 titanium Ti3O5 (2004-6-5)
3 oxidation 2 titanium Ti2O3 (2004-6-5)
Oxidation cerium CeO2 (2004-6-5)
TiO (2004-6-5 of one oxidation titanium)
SiO2 (2004-6-5 of 2 oxidation silicon)
3 oxidation 2 aluminous Al2O3 (2004-6-4)
Titanium dioxide TiO2 (2004-6-5)
More. . .
Fluorine changes cerium CeF3 (2004-6-4)
Fluorine changes calcic Caf2 Calcium Fluoride (2004-5-16)
Fluorine changes magnesian MgF2 (2004-6-5)
Cryolite Na3AlF6 (2004-6-5)
Fluorine changes baric BaF2 (2004-6-4)
Fluorine changes lanthanum LaF3 (2004-6-5)
Fluorine changes aluminous AlF3 (2004-6-3)
Fluorine changes praseodymium PrF3 (2004-6-5)
More. . .
Metal kind
Germanium (Germanium) (2004-5-14)
Aluminous silk Al (2004-5-14)
Chromic (Chromium) (2004-5-14)
More. . .
Vulcanization zinc ZnS (2004-6-5)
More. . .
Mixture reachs other
Film of ITO transparent electric conduction expects (2004-6-5)
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