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Beijing Guo Jinghui is infra-red and optical limited company of science and tech
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Beijing Guo Jinghui is infra-red and optical limited company of science and technology is research of Beijing nonferrous metal total courtyard, have grind semiconductor material Inc. is collective and contributive established finite liability company, it is garden of Haidian of area of garden of Beijing ZhongGuanCun science and technology company of new and high technology.

Company predecessor is total courtyard of research of Beijing nonferrous metal infra-red material institute, pursue semiconductor germanium and infra-red data research more than 40 years, hold lead position all the time in home, reap country and gain of ministry class scientific research 30 multinomial, base of the main development of the application that makes our country germanium and infra-red and optical material, production.

Company main product has germanium of red external use single crystal, fiber-optic using sulfur of 4 chloridize germanium, germanium is glass, high pure zinc of vulcanization of deposit of photograph of oxidation germanium, chemical steam, use the field of new and high technology such as the optics outside Yu Gong and smooth communication extensively already. Single crystal of germanium of red external use, fiber-optic with 4 chloridize germanium two product line already passed attestation of ISO9002 quality guarantee system.

The company still is engaged in the development of advanced and infra-red material developing the work, material of the CVD ZnS that includes large measure, CVD ZnSe, CVD GaP, sapphirine. In the finish machining of material, plated film also has particular actual strength and considering ceaselessly to improve. Germanium crystal With laser of the filter outside Yu Gong, CO2, 8-12μm infra-red heat becomes the lens that resembles a system and window capable person. Zinc of vulcanization of deposit of chemical gas phase (ZnS) Use as heat becomes the window that resembles a system. Have the CVDZnS of two kinds of norms, outside standard ZnS usable Yu Zhonggong (3-5um) outside He Yuangong (8-12um) wave band, classics overheat static the transparent vulcanization zinc that presses processing still can be used at visible light wave band. Selenium of deposit of chemical gas phase changes zinc (ZnSe)
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