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Institute of Tianjin city silicate
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Brief introduction of institute of Tianjin city silicate

Institute of Tianjin city silicate held water 1958, turned 2000 make become have unit of independent corporative science and technology company. 82 people of existing worker, among them senior engineer 18 people, 26 people of engineer, of all kinds professional 31 people. Institute of Tianjin city silicate is the professional institute that pursues research of inorganic metalloid data, it is the science and technology that has certain production operation enterprise. Its study the domain includes special type glass, technical pottery and porcelain, artificial crystal, quartz fiber, new-style and energy-saving electric stove, exceed material of body of fine function pink and calorific component to wait, the test that the product uses extensively at aviation, spaceflight and high-tech courtyard place studies the job is medium, be in at the same time the industry such as electron, mechanical, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, spin, Medical Protection also is having wide application. Come nearly 10 years, the institute undertook the research of project of 30 multinomial scientific research works, include national “863” item among them, project of form a complete set of major project of national war industry, project and fund of nature of city committee of science and technology try in city committee of science and technology, the research of a task such as young fund. Multinomial research achievement wins award of achievement of science and technology of above of class of country, ministry, city, multinomial achievement obtains a country to invent patent.

Institute product

Galvanizing of series of XT of   of   of   of   of DMF sapphirine goods boiler is anticorrosive coating
  of   of   of ZR- coating pink prevents ultraviolet inorganic powder
Cheat additive of semiconductor of   of   of arenaceous pink  
High temperature is energy-saving model 2 silicon of   of   of electric stove   change molybdenum calorific component
Pink of the pottery and porcelain outside Yuan Gong of   of   of   of the ceramists outside Yuan Gong
Anion of   of   of   of successive vycor fiber produces material
GRA—1 water base ML-1 of   of   of   of   of agent of model of surge of vitreous mould profit is able to bear or endure product of coating of Wen Fang corrupt

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