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Shanghai Na Lingguang learns material factory
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Factory of material of optics of the mountain austral Shanghai is infra-red the major that learns material Selenium to change zinc, vulcanization zinc produces manufacturer. Build a factory more than 20 years to come, tackle key problem through ceaseless exploration and scientific research, craft is stable, quality is good, pass standard appraisal at 91 years (Shanghai) , the manufacturing unit that becomes our country to make selenium exclusively change standard of industry of product of zinc, vulcanization zinc, form sediment of photograph of applied physics steam accumulates craft, lead position is in in home.
The Selenium that my factory produces turns product of zinc, vulcanization zinc, all choose of 99.999% high pure zinc and of 99.992% high pure selenium and high pure sulfur, be in high pure below the protection of inert gase, in the synthesis in high temperature, next classics vacuum extract, get high pure confused end, craft of doctrine of repass steam look, 2 times sublimate technology obtains high grade crystal. Come for years, via the system of high vacuum bleed that the expert designs, make the growth of crystal is finished below high vacuum condition, make the quality of crystal gets rising further thereby. Accordingly, this factory product has transmitance tall, absorb small, fight laser to destroy ability strong, organization is even, without foreign matter, diaphaneity advanced characteristic, the crystal photograph that obtains with place of hot pressing law is compared, have bigger advantage, can go up with international the crystal photograph that place of advanced craft of chemical steam photograph produces is rivalled, and the price far under foreign congener product.
Come to my factory for years the product welcomes by broad user, be applied extensively at laser, infra-red explore, infra-red measure lukewarm wait for a domain to make lamps and lanterns of the window and optical component, special type wait for industry of vacuum plated film.
My plant business pervades the whole nation, after deep treatment of classics treatment company, use at home not only, still be used extensively at exit, get the welcome of domestic and international user. My factory will as always, with high grade product, reasonable price, serve for domestic and international user wholeheartedly.

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The site of factory: Factory of material of optics of mountain of cogongrass of county of brook of man of the Anhui province
TEL: 0563-6685305
FAX: 0563-6685305
Postcode: 242124
Legal person delegate: Wang Xiaoming
Contact: Gan Cuie
Network address: Http://

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