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Wuhan is fond of limited company of lucky photoelectricity science and technolog
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My company advocate battalion is infra-red crystal and vitreous optics cold working. , hold battalion concurrently infra-red material sale. My company has cast / high low cast two product line, major machines all sorts of crystal lens. Prism. Hemisphere. Illuminator. The window piece; All sorts of optical camera lens.

Crystal machines main material to have: Selenium changes zinc. Fluorine dissolves calcium. Germanium. Silicon. Vulcanization zinc. Fluorine changes barium. Fluorine changes magnesium. Arsenic changes gallium. YAG. Lan Baoshi. Copper. A variety of crystal such as molybdenum;

Machine the largest measure that pass: Germanium single crystal 254 Mm; Fluorine dissolves calcium 180 Mm; Can process a product the largest size is 300 Mm.

It is orgnaization of each scientific research for a long time. The academical lab client that has special type demand provides treatment of high accuracy crystal.

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