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The principle that sparks in oscillograph is what and action
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The purpose that spark is to show every time when begin in undee same position, weaveform can be stabilized show. General imitate oscillograph has edge to spark, video sparks and town report sparks, there was more touching to send a condition to be called on digital oscillograph advanced if logic sparks,spark, burr sparks and arteries and veins is wide spark etc.
① Edge Trigger, edge sparks, can set touch hair n, ascendant edge or drop along. Edge sparks also call spark basically.
② Advanced Trigger, namely advanced spark, contain inside without exception all sorts of differring spark function, can the basis is measured the feature of signal, the setting strikes hair requirement accordingly, what fixed position is interested is undee. Advanced sparking is the key that circuit debugs. The process is debugged in circuit in, if do not understand beforehand,be measured what the problem with potential signal cooperates to differ is advanced spark the detail fixed position that the function will come to have trouble, can shorten so your debug cycle. Date: 2007-1-26

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