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Systematic error
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Go up to be perfected not quite as a result of instrument structure or the instrument can produce an error without the reason such as very good calibration. For example, the heat of all sorts of scale feet bilges cold shrink, the scale of thermometer, dial forbids to wait to be able to cause an error truly.

As a result of the theory of basis of experimental itself place, formulary approximate sex, right perhaps the consideration of experimental condition, measurement technique not Zhou Ye can cause an error. For example, hot influence often comes loose without the consideration in heat experiment, the impact that ammeter internal resistance did not consider when measuring resistance with volt-ampere law.

As a result of the physiology characteristic of gauger, react for example speed, resolution, the error is caused in also can be being measured inherent even habit.

Above is the cause that causes systematic error. The characteristic of systematic error is to measure an outcome to deviate of a direction, its numerical value changes by definite pattern, have repeatability, one-way sex. We answer the experimental requirement with specific basis, the characteristic of systematic error, find out the main reason that produces systematic error, adopt proper measure to reduce its effect. Date: 2007-1-26

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