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Thickness gauge
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Supersonic thickness gauge presses working principle cent: Resonance law, interference law and pulse bounce technique wait.

A few kinds, because pulse bounce technique does not involve resonance mechanism, with appearance of the substance that be measured bright and clean degree of relationship is not close, so thickness gauge of ultrasonic pulse law is most gay of benefit from door a kind of appearance.
1 job principle
Ultrasonic thickness gauge basically has lead plane and probe two parts composition. Lead plane circuit includes to launch circuit, receive circuit, computation to show circuit 3 parts, the probe of drive of high-pressured bow wave that arises by emissive circuit, produce supersonic emissive pulse, after extent of mind of pulse classics medium is reflexed, be received circuit is received, carry sheet piece after machine computation is handled, classics LCD shows ply is numeric, it basically is in according to sound wave the transmission speed in sample takes the thickness that gets sample with carrying the in part of the time of sample.
The HT series that my factory runs exceeds annals wave thickness gauge, on the base that uses domestic and international advanced technique, use sheet piece the intelligence of pocket type measures low floor level of a kind of when machine technology develops low power comsumption instrument, have the instrument that measures qualitative thickness of different capable person not only, and sheet measures steel, ultrathin model, at the same time all but high temperature of form a complete set measures thick probe.
2 thickness gauge use a field
As a result of ultrasonic processing goes to the lavatory, have good directivity, supersonic technology measures a metal, the ply of metalloid material, already fast accurate, free from contamination, be in especially permit a flank to be able to press touched circumstance only, can show its advantage more, use extensively at all sorts of plank, wall tubal material boiler container wall is thick, large reach its isolated corrosion, rustily situation, because this is right,the product of the each industry department such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical industry, electric power, nuclear energy examines, move to equipment safety reach modernization management to having main effect.
Supersonic clean with supersonic thickness gauge the one part that is supersonic technology application only, still a lot of domains can use supersonic technology. For instance ultrasonic pulverization, ultrasonic solders, polish of abrade, ultrasonic, supersonic motor waits ultrasonic bore, ultrasonic a moment. Ultrasonic technology will receive wider and wider application in all trades and professions.

Principle of job of thickness gauge of film of eddy current besmear
Eddy current besmears the main job principle of film thickness gauge is, when measuring head and contact of the style that be measured, the magnetic field of high frequency report that institute of the plant that measure a head produces, make park measures the metallic conductor below the head to generate vortex flow, its amplitude and phasic be conductor and measure a head between non-conductive n the function of overburden ply. Namely the hand inning with this eddy unripe abortion changes electromagnetism field can change the parameter that measure a head, and the size of variable of the parameter that measure a head, change signal of this one report processing, can get the ply of film of the besmear that be measured.
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