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The information of thickness gauge of eddy current metal
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To the overburden that material surface protection, adornment forms, like layer of coating, film, apply, stick layer, chemistry to generate film to wait, cladding is called in concerned country and international standard (Coating) .
Cladding ply is measured what already became quality of project of treatment industry, surface to detect is important one annulus, it is the necessary step that the product reachs classy quality level. To make product internationalization, in goods of our country export and project of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, had clear demand to cladding ply.
The measurement technique of cladding ply basically has: Wedge cuts a way, smooth cut law, electrolysis, ply difference measures a way, say to weigh a law, law of X ray fluorescence, law of β ray back-scattering, capacitance law, magnetism measures law and backset to measure a law to wait. Before these methods are medium 5 kinds are to caustic detects, measure a method trival, rate is slow, apply to sampling inspection more.
X ray and β ray law are not to have osculatory nondestructive to measure, but plant is complex and expensive, measure range lesser. Because have radiative cause, the person that use must abide by ray to defend standard. X ray law can measure paper-thin film, double film, alloy film. β ray law suits film and serial number of bottom material atom to be more than the film of 3 to measure. Capacitance law is measured in the insulation cladding of small electric system only thick when use.
As the technology progress increasingly, after introducing personal computer technology in recent years especially, the thickness gauge Xiang Wei that uses magnetic law and eddy current method, intelligence, muti_function, high accuracy, practical the way that change took one step. Metrical resolution already amounted to 0.1 micron, precision can be achieved 1% , had substantially rise. Its suitable scope is wide, span wide, operation is handy and valence cheap, it is industry and scientific research use the most extensive thickness gauge implement.
Use nondestructive method both neither to destroy cladding to also do not destroy base material, detect rate is rapid, can make detect in great quantities working economy ground undertakes.
Measure principle and instrument
One. Magnetism attraction measures principle and thickness gauge
Permanent magnet (measure a head) with guide the attraction size between magnet steel material and be in this both the distance between concerns into certain proportion, this distance is the ply of cladding. Use this one principle to make thickness gauge, the guides magnetism is led difference that wants cladding and base material only is enough big, can undertake metrical. Use structural steel and punch of armor plate of hot-rolling cold rolling to shape in view of most industrial product, application of magnetic thickness gauge is the so widest. Thickness gauge is main structure by magnet steel, relay reed, rear sight and stop orgnaization composition oneself. Magnet steel is sucked with the content that be measured after closing, will measure reed to be in spin gradually ever since, pulling force increases gradually. Just be more than attraction when pulling force, the tensile size below the flashy record that magnet steel breaks away from can obtain cladding ply. New-style product can complete process of this one record automatically. Different type has different span and applicable situation.
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