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How to Select Infrared Thermometer
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Infrared thermometer products currently on the market a lot, so we were a little dazzled. So how do you choose the correct and accurate infrared thermometer it? Choices do not only meet the actual needs, but also less of the money, while performance and quality assurance. First need to determine the measurement objectives and requirements, considering the measured target temperature and size, measure the distance, measured target material, target their environment; Second, we must consider the instrument's response speed, accuracy, is used in the field or line monitoring; then infrared thermometer and then select the performance, functionality and price, to be the best match; eventually give due consideration to ease of use, brand, maintenance and calibration, such as quality assurance and service problems. These requirements as follows: 1, 2 measuring temperature range, accuracy and minimum resolution of 3, the emission rate of 4, 5, target size, distance coefficient ratio (D: S6, 7 wavelength range, response time 8, 9, signal processing, environmental conditions

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