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Measure painful rite
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Measure painful riteAlgesimeter

Measure the instrument with liminal sense of pain. Because sense of pain does not have onefold appropriate stimulation, have a lot of different kinds consequently measure painful rite. Measure painful rite to have machine (hair needle, bedspring needle) , radiation is hot, of electric current, chemical, of electric heat and lukewarm accuse etc. Radiation heats up the radiation heat that measures painful rite to generate supply of infra-red radiant bulb by, get together through smooth lens illuminate arrives human body is certain on the skin of place. The size with hot radiate is divided outside be being controlled by electric current, still dominate its radiate time by gate, suffer radiant skin area to be controlled by another gate. The exciting energy that gets on the skin is measured with radiometer, the unit is anxious / (second · centimeter) . Use this kind to measure painful rite, when exciting capabilities raises fixed rate, before the gate that is tried to heat up time in control radiate is shut, feel prickle onefoldly. At that time the threshold of pain that exciting energy measures namely. Date: 2007-1-26

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