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Dimensional consciousness instrument
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Dimensional consciousness instrument is to be used at inspecting dimensional consciousness characteristic and differentiate individual to the space discerns characteristicly the instrument of ability. It still can be used at the dimensional structure characteristic with exciting test and verify to transmit the influence of efficiency to information. This instrument includes lamplight video, advocate try controller, operation be tryinged these 3 bodies. Its can present a few kinds of figures through the different combination of little light, the random when offerring a test is chosen. Exports graphical component is a form, piece form and irregular form 3 kinds, every kinds can be divided again for 4 kinds of design. In the experiment, be tried to undertake discerning reacting to different pattern, advocate try the necessary data below the record. Income data can undertake comparative with groovy statistic, information of cipher out of method of usable also information theory delivers efficiency.

Date: 2007-1-26

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