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Vernier calipers
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Vernier calipers is the commonly used measurement on industry the instrument of length, it reachs can slip on feet body cursor composition by feet body, if pursue 2. 3 - 1 is shown. If look from the reverse side, cursor is a whole. There is one to play reed between cursor and feet body (fail to be drawn in the graph) , use the elastic force that accuses reed to make cursor and feet body rely on to tighten. Cursor upside has one to tighten solid screw, can secure cursor the aleatoric position on feet body. Feet body and cursor have quantity claw, use inside the internal diameter of the width that measures claw to be able to measure groove and canal, claw is measured to be able to measure the external diameter of the ply of the spare parts and canal outside using. Very depth gauge and vernier are together repeatedly, can measure the depth of groove and canister.

There is scale above feet body and vernier. With accurate to 0. The vernier calipers of 1 millimeter is exemple, the smallest graduation on feet body is 1 millimeter, there are scales of 10 small divide into equal parts on vernier, overall length 9 millimeter, each graduation is 0. 9 millimeter, than advocate the smallest graduation on feet differs 0. 1 millimeter. Measure claw and the 0 graduation mark of body of the feet when approach and cursor are right neat, the first their graduation mark differs 0. 1 millimeter, the 2nd graduation mark differs 0. 2 millimeter, ... , the 10th graduation mark differs 1 millimeter, namely the 10th graduation mark of cursor is apropos with advocate the 9 millimeter graduation mark of feet is right neat, if pursue 2. 3 - 2.

The line that the object measures between equivalent claw is spent for 0. When 1 millimeter, vernier should move right 0. 1 millimeter. At this moment the first its graduation mark is apropos be opposite with the 1 millimeter graduation mark of feet body neat. The 5 millimeter graduation mark that follows feet body when the 5th graduation mark of cursor likewise is right neat when, the specification has 0 between two quantities claw. The width of 5 millimeter, ... , the rest may be deduced by analogy.

When measuring the length that is more than 1 millimeter, whole millimeter number wants from cursor " 0 " the graduation mark with line and feet opposite body numerates. Date: 2007-1-26

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