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American FDA releases infantile prescription dairy products in 3 get together of
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3 get together of cyanogen amine detect method- - Apply Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum LC-MS/MS

American FDA released infantile prescription dairy products on Laboratory Information Bulletin No.4421 a few days ago in 3 get together of cyanogen amine detect method (Determination Of Melamine And Cyanuric Acid Residues In Infant Formula Using LC-MS/MS) , this method used Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum and Surveyor HPLC fluid to pledge couplet uses a system, in infantile recipe milk powder 3 get together cyanogen amine and 3 get together the ration of cyanic acid is restricted (LOQ) it is 0.25 µg/g.

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The patent technology that TSQ Quantum LC-MS/MS initiates a gender with its will be ternary 4 extremely lever fluid qualitative couplet is pushed with the system to epochal. This system has revolution most model the characteristic is the resolution with its excel outstanding 0.1DaFWHM. Most current on the world can undertake select-high sex reaction monitors ability exclusively (H-SRM -- of the analysis ternary 4 extremely lever mass spectrograph. It can raise the ration when checking actual sample and qualitative sensitivity and accuracy significantly, and can reduce a client greatly again pressure of the ground in sample pre-treatment job.

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