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Isotope of scientist appraisal oxygen announces solar system is genetic
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On September 19, according to American science daily reports, oxygen is the element with the richest contain on the earth, cover an area of the half above of ball quality about. Tellurian oxygen has form of 3 kinds of stable isotope: Oxygen 16, oxygen 17 with oxygen 18. Oxygen 16 99.762% what cover an area of gross of the oxygen on the ball, oxygen 17 occupy 0.038% , oxygen 18 occupy 0.2% . Current, the scientist claims, discovered the new clew about oxygen element, can announce then the origin of solar system.

The ore on a lot of primitive celestial or heavenly body in solar system has completely different rate than isotope of the oxygen on the earth, include carbolic qualitative ball among them graininess aerolite, scientist speculation is in solar system is inchoate abounding in infrequent heavier oxygen isotope. Lab of benefit of American uncle gram changes the Musa Ameide that learns scientific company to say, "As a chemist, oxygen isotope rate will help us understand the genetic problem of solar system. Why rate of isotope of the oxygen in the ore on the earth can appear notable difference, this make scientists puzzle a lot of year. This make scientists puzzle a lot of year..

Model of different oxygen isotope will explain the otherness of meantime, include rate of solar system isotope to form peculiar star among them, perhaps form the star of different type through nuclear reaction process, the chemical processing process of nebula of this kind of sun will raise the rate of oxygen isotope. Be named to be like such process " isotropy is kept apart from screen " . The carbon monoxide of oxygen element is contained a lot ofin sun nebula, when it is solved to leave by vacuum ultraviolet ray, from screen segregation is considered as the decisive ingredient that relevant oxygen element makes.

In the dirt of outer outer space and aeriform element nebula already observation arrives to keep apart a phenomenon from screen, permeate from the star around when abundant vacuum ultraviolet ray enter molecular nebula, will decompose carbon monoxide element become carbolic atom and oxygen atom. Different isotope absorbs photon of vacuum ultraviolet ray to have slight energy difference, however, nearing the area of nebular brim, 16 isotope absorbed carbon monoxide and many oxygen a large number of by oxygen 16 absorption photon, because of this oxygen the 16 darker places in be located in nebula. But oxygen 17 with oxygen 18, drew different energy, did not produce screen segregation however, in nebular interior, more carbon monoxide elements are mixed related heavier isotope is solved to leave, in the meantime, heavier oxygen atom is released.

Researcher expectation solar system is inchoate put in a similar process, accompanying ultraviolet ray of young sun radiate vacuum, carbon monoxide will produce effect in the burning hot area of former sun, perhaps act well in farther cold region. Whether of vacuum ultraviolet ray keep apart real work to fall at this condition from screen? If so if, what kind of effect will oxygen isotope rate produce? Still do not have accurate result so far, should offer to did not undertake experimental method checks. A Meide says, "Dimengsi and we obtained the mark · of school of cent of California university Santiago to contact, 9.0.2(beamline 9.0.2) of use light-wave line undertook direction checks, advanced illuminant orgnaization (the diversity energy that Advanced Light Source) provides the generation when carbon monoxide of tuning of OK and accurate ground decomposes photon of vacuum ultraviolet ray. Advanced illuminant orgnaization (the diversity energy that Advanced Light Source) provides the generation when carbon monoxide of tuning of OK and accurate ground decomposes photon of vacuum ultraviolet ray..
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