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Electron of the 71st China is exhibited
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Electron of the 71st China exhibits new technology, new product to make one-stop platform of exit form a complete set!
China provides authoritative omnibus professional electron to exhibit most, only then 1964, it is the national level electron that gets national MII and Department of Commerce support with all one's strength exclusively at the same time is exhibited greatly. 2003, CEF is exhibited as exclusive electron, the class A that key of selected country Department of Commerce supports is exhibited meeting.

Chinese electron is exhibited (CEF) grow jointly with Chinese electron industry, classics of her all previous witnessed Chinese electron industry by the planned economy transition to market economy and development. Current, CEF is objective went up to had formed Shenzhen - Shanghai - western the force that 3 season join 3 stations echo, Chun Xiaqiu suitably, match with activity of seminar of industry of high administrative levels, become the vane that reflects progress of Chinese electron industry.

International shadow volume is high. Regard chinese mainland as the most large-scale electronic product exhibition, CEF is alliance of Asian electron exhibition (AEECC) one of 5 old members, exhibit with Japanese electron (electron of CEATEC JAPAN) , Korea is exhibited (electron of KES) , Taiwan is exhibited (electron of Taitronics) , Hong Kong is exhibited (HK Electronics Fair) calls 5 big electrons of Asian to exhibit. The mutual cooperation between the member raised CEF greatly in the world consequence. Report can be exhibited in transmit limited company with information, be subordinate to belongs to head office of Chinese electron equipment (CEAC) , rely on its huge industry natural resources, report can be exhibited in grow to be exhibited for countrywide electron group extend authority, by " Chinese electron signs up for " praise for " the national group that electronic information industry can exhibit " .

Report can be exhibited in Chinese electron is had to exhibit below the banner (CEF) , electron of Asia of Tele-expo, AEES exhibits 3 old brands meeting, it is industry of electron, communication, number respectively the biggest professional one of exhibition.

Except exhibit outside the meeting, report can be exhibited in still publish the journal inside electronic course of study, organize seminar of of all kinds technology, line of business is owned below the banner inside famous media " Chinese electron business affairs " , " Chinese electron market conditions " , " Chinese electron market conditions - FPD " , " communication market " etc, the series FPD forum that its sponsor, EMS forum, RFID forum, instrument appearance forum decisive place is had in industry.
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