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2008 exhibition of consumable of German Berlin electron
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Exhibit date: On August 29, 2008 - on September 3, 2008The exhibition is periodic: A yearShow a location: Center of exhibition of German Berlin internationalShow an area: 160, 000 square metreLimits of item on display: Electronic consumable: Television, videocorder, of all kinds camera, number camera, camera, collect put electron of machine, recreation, acoustics, result, material of movie theater of sound box, family, electric home appliances Postpone meeting introduction: Exhibition of consumable of Berlin international electron (IFA) limited company of exhibition of You Bailin international (Messe Berlin GmbH) reach company of German recreation and communication electron (Gfu) sponsor jointly, it is the exhibition of the biggest electron consumer goods on the world. Consumable exhibited the Berlin electron 2007 to gain huge success again. Have 1 what come from 32 countries and area, 212 ginseng are exhibited business and 235, 000 visiting business attended to exhibit meeting. Exhibit during the meeting trade the forehead exceeds 2.75 billion euro. The electron is consumed kind brand enterprise is assembled in exhibit meeting, show newest product, have a series of recreational activities that attract eyeball. Below the propulsion of tide of market of European electron consumable, the sale of European electron consumable amounts to on one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two euro, grow with the growth hasten situation of two digit. Below such market environment, of IFA sponsor orgnaization recreation and newsletter report subsidiary (Gfu) reach Berlin international to extend the concept that sees limited company be determined want to popularize IFA further, the IFA that unanimous decision holds original biennially begins to change to be held every year from 2006. About exhibit can detailed circumstance to will be followed exhibit meeting webpage synchronism to update! Conglomerate form extends in: My department forms a delegation for years continuously attend this to exhibit, the work that organizes dimensions, group to extend ability and square respect range already obtained exposition to approbate, place application ginseng is exhibited exhibit also be in all the time relatively the area of the advantage. My department ginseng exhibits the product with trading business volume clinchs a deal better in the unit to wrap draw together television, VCD, DVD, collect put electron of machine, recreation, acoustics, result, material of movie theater of sound box, family, various electron and equipment.
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