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2005 center-west region (the 9th) exhibition of international of automation of c
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Chongqing general situation
Suspension is on the map of the world of U.N. hall, mere line out the name of 4 cities of Chinese, among them one is Chongqing. Chongqing is the biggest city on eye preexistence bound, chongqing is a famous city that has culture of 3000 old histories, it is the central city with the central municipality directly under the Central Government with exclusive ministry of Chinese Chinese and Western and the largest advanced position of the Yangtse River, have substantial natural resources, broad market and good economic base, be judged to be China by American fortune forum heat of the 4th large investment, china western the city that has competitive latent capacity most; Announce in U.N. " 25 cities that China has development latent capacity most " in, chongqing ranks 8, row western 3. Be in western in the tide of development, chongqing is producing oneself advantage, build the economic center that becomes advanced position of the Yangtse River hard. Establish Chongqing municipality directly under the Central Government and build 3 gorge project, the focus that means construction of our country economy axes of edge the Yangtse River to China western the area is advanced further. The economy of an area grows, the big city that should rely on our region will drive. So, the Party Central Committee and the State Council are in strategy of development of ministry of executive Chinese and Western, a significant move establishs Chongqing municipality directly under the Central Government namely, be in with developing its adequately developing of economy of region of wide earth of upper reaches of the Yangtse River drives action, this is the strategic choice that makes according to economic progress rule. Comrade Jiang Zemin about " make Chongqing construction hard the economic center of upper reaches of the Yangtse River " epigraph, also mirrorred economy of upper reaches of the Yangtse River to develop the position that is the same as Chongqing and the affinity that action produces. This makes clear, chongqing is in pattern of countrywide area development, regard the Yangtse River as upper reaches and China western the position that area developing drives, decide already completely.

Market fluoroscopy
Chongqing is one of 6 big industry base of Chinese, industry is the pillar industry of Chongqing, industrial weight develops simultaneously, class is all ready, manufacturing industry develops, only industrial business has many 120 thousand, enterprise of nearly 4000 foreign capital, it is one of base of 10 exit of big mechanical and electrical products. Hero of fixed assets of 87.1 billion industry occupies front row of Chinese big city, had Chinese industry the treatment of 39 class in 40 class and productivity. It is the throughout the country's important machinist employment base, groovy enginery base of angry base, integrated chemical industry, medical industry base and base of instrument bearing industry. Have the mechanical industry that is main body with car autocycle, chemistry that with natural gas chemical industry and medical chemical industry attach most importance to a dot the industry, metallurgical industry that is a delegate with fine steel material and material of high grade aluminium industry of 3 big pillar; At present Chongqing has about a hundred to build a project to need to deploy a large number of automatic instrument appearance and control system, still on 1000 enterprises need to undertake technical reformation, must replace old model instrument appearance and its component. Chongqing has a variety of mineral products resource, the mineral products that already was discovered now and extracts has more than kinds 40, 27% what occupy world foregone mine to plant about, the mineral products that ascertain has certain reserve 25 kinds, the reserves of mine of cliff of bauxite, salt, Strontium resides the whole nation the first, manganese mine and baric ore reserves reside the whole nation respectively the 2nd with the 3rd. Reserves of coal, natural gas also occupies front row in the whole nation. Project of 20 systems project, invest 338.1 billion yuan, already started now. Power of education of Chongqing science and technology is abundant, the talent is full of concentration relatively. Chongqing has orgnaization of many 1000 scientific research, 29 institution of higher learing, 60 much brainpower. Adult college more than 30. Chongqing industry grows rate, two index rank profit increase rate western 12 provinces city the first. Especially June 2004 city of 17-18 day Chongqing 2 5 complete appoint meeting about " accelerate the decision that pushs new-style industrialization " pass and start, this is more heavy celebrate industrial infuse powerful motive force! Also waited for relevant technology and equipment to provide vast development space for appearance of automation, instrument at the same time.
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