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Automation of industry of Changsha of the 3rd China and industrial equipment exp
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Automation of industry of Changsha of the 3rd China and industrial equipment exposition
Hunan is located in lake of hole front courtyard with south, friend says Hunan, because of churchyard the oldest fluvial Hunan river sheds north and south of be linked together and abbreviation " Hunan " . Hunan visits an area completely kilometer of 210 thousand square, population 64 million, cent visits administer town for 11, 2 areas, 1 each manages an administrative division, 122 counties urban district. Provincial capital -- Changsha is center of complete province politics, economy, culture, also be China's famous historical culture ancient city. Aaaa Hunan area advantageous, traffic is convenient, communication develops. Na Lin Guangdong, boreal pillow the Yangtse River, control communications center of Hua Na traffic, have bear east receive on the west, south the hub action of couplet northing. Hunan is with heavy industry oriented, the key develops the fundamental industry such as metallurgy, mechanical, electric power, chemical industry, built one large quantities of state-owned large and medium-sized mainstay business, preliminary building the modern industry system with more complete class.
Hunan industry passes construction of a few years of mass production and technical reformation, not only preliminary building wholer industrial system, and own relatively advanced technology equipment, laid a foundation for next greater progress. Especially since 80 time, complete province strengthens technology to transform, washed out the manufacturing facilities with a batch of backward stale timelily, introduced a batch of advanced and applicable tooling from abroad, make enterprise especially large and medium-sized on the technical equipment standard of mainstay business and product quality a class, enhanced market competition ability greatly. Look into future, hunan industry will be in the breakthrough with the respect new implementation such as actual strength of structure of technical level, industry, dimensions, equitable distribution. As "9 2" area of extensive bead triangle cooperates of framework agreement build, the situation importance of Hunan is farther protruding comes out now, to strengthen the international communication of Hunan industry business and cooperation, "Automation of industry of Changsha of the 3rd China and industrial equipment exposition " will come 12 days to be held ceremoniously in Hunan Province exhibition on October 10, 2005! We will be chance with this, for provincial development international of the enterprise outside reaching home and home market, make the optimal commerce platform that gives industry technology communication and trade!

One, showpiece time and place
1, report for duty cloth exhibits: On October 8, 2005 - 9 days
2, commerce negotiates: On October 10, 2005, 12 days
3, remove extend time: On October 12, 2005 midday 12: 00
4, exhibit meeting site: Hunan Province exhibition
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