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Exposition of industry of international of 2005 Central Plains and exhibition of
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"Equipment Henan industry is aided push Central Plains to rise abruptly " it is current exhibit the tenet of the meeting, gain of Central Plains industry can be versed in with Central Plains already aid development and Central Plains city group of strategic concept put forward and industrial company ability changes, place of industrial structural adjustment needs to be premise. Current exhibiting can be to carry out 16 great mind, go " new-style industrialized road " significant move; It is to be driven further with " informatization drives industrialization " the efficient way of strategic executive process; The butt joint platform that is supplier of technology, equipment and industrial business; It is to reveal, IT of communication manufacturing industry and the grand meeting of advanced production equipment.
Henan is one of our country's important industry base, have Luoyang, unseal, the city of domestic key industry such as new rural area, gross National Product broke through 880 billion yuan 2004, successive a few years gross ranks the whole nation the 5th, ministry of Chinese and Western first of 12 province. Zhengzhou city accelerates industrial economy to developed a leader to the group decided recently and be released investment of industry of the first batch of keys builds a project this year. The project of key industry investment that first announcing adds up to 135, the plan always invests 44.1 billion yuan, planned to invest 15.3 billion yuan 2005 among them. Objective of development of Zhengzhou city industry is already firm, among them entire industry increases industry of above of value, dimensions to increase value and sales revenue of dimensions above industry to want to part to grow 18 than 2004 % , 20 % and 30 % . It is reported, put forward to realize congress of whole town industry " 3 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two " target, was by establish 2005 of Zhengzhou city " industrial project is built year " , with industrial project construction drives economy of whole town industry to grow.
Appearance of automation of industry of 2005 Central Plains and control technology, instrument, nondestructive detects of exhibition hold will be new technology of domestic and international relevant industry, new facility, new product to provide market of development Central Plains those who establish brand consciousness is business chance, optimal reveal platform.    Gain of Central Plains industry is met -- make Henan sincere letter can exhibit the first brand
Industry gain meets 4 big innovation:
Do exhibit fashion innovation-- current exposition will be adopted " governmental dominant, association assist do, the enterprise undertakes, the market is run " brand-new do extend pattern. Rectify the advantage resource that meets with chime of government, enterprise through optimizing, quicken commercialized pace, be promoted in order to commercialize further at the same time internationalization and specialization, the brand is changed.
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