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China manage is versed in the professor invents milk to detect east new technolo
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"Be less than 3 minutes, our technology but check gives milk eligible. " professor of grain industry college Dr. Chen Huanwen introduces Dong Hua, lab of this school mass spectra detects in milk spot the technology studies the domain obtains major breakthrough, successful development gives 3 kinds of new technologies, not only can the part that check gives all sorts of additive in milk, still can divide separate out inside 1 second 3 get together whether does cyanogen amine exceed bid.

Cost of traditional method take time is high

Because home suckles a source to detect with milk dispersedly complex wait for a reason, illegal element may add bovine make water, limewater, urea in milk, 3 get together about a hundred kinds of harmful material such as cyanogen amine. Should judge a milk eligible, need to detect more than 100 index sometimes, such take time are arduous, cost very tall.

"Most consumer cares milk most eligible, is not to have what harmful material after all. " for this, additional monarch of Dr. Chen Huanwen paths, the manner change that with research the group examines platoon of one by one becomes whole to detect, development goes 3 kinds to detect new technology, can contented family, supermarket, lab is qualitative even of the different crowd such as inspect branch detect need.

New technology detects need 1 second only

Introduce according to Dr. Chen, the first kind of method is to use an instrument as small-sized transistor radio, pass scattering transmission photometry, fast inside 3 minutes divisional true milk and adulterated the milk of all sorts of material, also can distinguish the copy milk that uses the configuration such as pink of rice water, beans, milk powder, cost is less than 1000 yuan, suit family and supermarket to use.

Efficiency of the 2nd kind of method is taller. Dr. Chen found a kind special with 3 get together the material that cyanogen amine produces reaction, take partial sample grandma to add reagent inside, if be not contained 3 get together cyanogen amine, present deep blue purple; If contain of 1/1000000 3 get together cyanogen amine, show amaranth. This kind of method detects cost is lower, defect is can detect only piece 3 get together cyanogen amine.

Last kinds of method wants major a lot of, also be a cost is highest kind. Group of Dr. Chen research and Beijing manage change an analysis to check the collaboration such as central Dr. Liuqing, developed to detect quickly technology, can be in inside the time that is less than 1 second in judgement milk powder 3 get together whether does the content of cyanogen amine exceed bid, return the phyletic information that can acquire other and impure part and content discretion, this method can raise supervisory branch to detect the speed of the food such as milk.

Already reported ministry of science and technology

The reporter understands, at the beginning of October, ministry of science and technology is collected detect quickly in liquid state grandma and milk powder 3 get together the technology of cyanogen amine and product, organize begin the spot to check the work. Current, 3 technologies that Dr. Chen researchs to the group is developed had appeared in the newspaper, awaiting an outcome.
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